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BCSSA will systematically improve centers’ operational efficiencies, financial stability and the quality of early care and education for Calhoun County’s youngest residents.



We believe that all children deserve a high-quality early education—that is evidence-based on best practices—and provides them with comprehensive supports to promote their safety, physical wellbeing and mental wellness. We believe that every child deserves a strong learning environment with excellent teachers who are working to close the achievement gap. Every child deserves to feel loved for who they are intrinsically and staff interactions should reflect this.  


We believe that every family deserves an education for their child that puts them on a positive trajectory for life. Every parent deserves support to advocate for the child. We believe that every family deserves to be empowered and respected.


We believe that all staff deserve to work for organizations that recognize their skills, abilities, and importance and to work for organizations that provide them with adequate compensation. They deserve to work for organizations that operate in integrity and always strive to do the right thing. All staff deserve to have opportunities for professional development and they deserve to have mentoring and peer support. Staff also deserve structures and systems in place that help them to work effectively and efficiently.


We believe that every business will benefit from high-quality early education because it is key to developing a future workforce. When children are supported with a high-quality education, they are better prepared to be successful in our communities and to be productive citizens.
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