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We're working behind the scenes to assure that every day is your child's "best day ever!"

The everyday operational and administrative tasks of running a child care center can be daunting. They are necessary and important, but also take time—time that can distract from what matters most—nurturing and loving the children in their care.


When you select a BCSSA center you can have confidence and peace of mind that BCSSA staff are working behind the scenes in a variety of ways that make that center safer and more successful in providing the best care possible for the children at their child care center.

BCSSA provides the following services to our child care centers:

  • Professional staff development

  • Professional business services, including. revenue management, payroll services, and business analysis and metrics

  • Centralized enrollment services and wait-list management

  • Center supports, including interpreter services, behavioral specialists, licensing support and board development

  • Oversight and training of a substitute teacher pool so every child care center is fully staffed every day. 


The people behind Shared Service Alliance:

Kathleen Moore.jpg
Nucole Stein b-w.jpg

Kathleen Moore

Executive Director

Nucole Stein
Enrollment Coordinator

Sara Culp.jpg

Sara Culp
Classroom Coach

Kelly b-w2.jpg

Kelly Wine
Instructional Coach

Sarah b-w.jpg

Sarah LaGro
Project Manager

Kim b-w.jpg

Billing Specialist

As staff of Battle Creek Shared Service Alliance we work in order to make sure our Member Center directors have days which run smoothly.  Each BCSSA Team member leads a sector of work related to the business components which are necessary to effectively and efficiently run a childcare or preschool.  Once we have collaborated and streamlined the business office of the Center, we work diligently to increase the academic and social outcomes for children who attend the center.  Our instructional and education supports guide center staff in regards to curriculum, program content and career advancement for adult learners.  You can read more about our mission and core values here.



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